To save money, harness professional skill sets, and concentrate on your core business. Imagine where you want to be in 18 months. Let's use an example of 20 employees with a turnover of $5m. Will you be able to handle that while doing marketing, sales, IT, HR, bookkeeping, and compliance? Probably not, right? But right now you probably can't afford to outsource it all either. So what are your options? When you start, or when you're at a point when you decide you want to make a real effort to grow, where do you start? The one skill that very few small business owners have is marketing. It's the critical one that brings in sales and/or new customers. Start with that. Build your profitability while handling the other functions yourself. Then rather than hire an inhouse financial controller, or HR person, or General Manager, outsource these business functions one by one on a needs basis.

The business is relatively new, but we have over a decade experience running small businesses and making them successful. Our team has expertise in sales, marketing, IT, HR, bookkeeping, and compliance.

We're actually quite a bit different in how we do things and what services we offer. A lot of BPO companies act as a conduit to you hiring staff overseas. That means you still have to run the process, just with cheaper staff from overseas. That's not what we do. You don't need to hire anyone. You just pay us a set price and we handle your business process. We're probably the only BPO company in Australia that caters to small businesses, and provides all the business functions needed (outside your core business).

It's hard to narrow it down to one so we'll provide three; 1. Keep it simple and keep your focus on being simple. Get your marketing strategy correct so prospective clients and buyers can find you, be able to convert those leads into clients or sales, and be good at what it is you do (either provide a great product or a great service). 2. Find what works and keep repeating it. Don't try to be everything to everyone. Find your niche, get good at it, make it profitable, and then start thinking about new profit avenues. 3. Don't try to do everything. Whatever your core business is, we assume you've been doing it for a long time and are an expert. That makes it hard to also be an expert at marketing, bookkeeping, HR, IT, compliance etc. Build your non-core business team by outsourcing to experts so you can concentrate on your core business.

Firstly, I just want to point out that we are very affordable. The difference between Enjin and a random website builder on the internet; We understand your business needs. A random person on the internet - they just build sites. They won't tell you when you're asking them to do something that they may or may not know is not best practice. They just build what you want - and if your understanding of what is needed in a website isn't quite up to scratch, you're going to get an inferior product. We build high performance websites for SEO. Web developers generally don't do this so they can keep their costs down. So for the sake of what is usually a couple of hundred bucks, get your company a high performance website.