Outsourced HR Solution


Do you run a small business without internal HR staff? Facing problems with performance enhancement, recruitment, etc.? You can opt for outsourced HR solutions provided by us. At Enjin BPO, we facilitate an economic recruitment solution, and highly efficient online tools to manage your people.

If you work with an internal HR function, we can deliver higher-level solutions including professional information and HR management tools, HR consulting, recruitment, indigenous employment, etc. You can fully rely on us because we hold years of experience in this business.

Reliable Recruitment


We as an HR Solution provider hold vast experience and expertise to meet all your people management requirements. We are emerging as a pioneer in human resources, along with performance management, mediation, investigations as well as work agreements. We know that HR is one of the biggest challenges, especially for small businesses. Relax and consider us your own HR department. We’ll assist you to reach the goals with your team.

The employment cycle will be entirely covered by us. We will help you with recruitment and training of your team, managing ongoing HR management and policies, through to the employment termination. Through our close rapport with business Chambers, we hold over years of experience in employment, HR solutions, etc. Through us, you can access the knowledge and resources of highly experienced Business Lawyers & Advisors, who are specialists in workplace law

HR Services Australia

Highly Productive Solutions


It is not an easy deal to strategically manage your Human Resources and align them with your business goals. Enjin BPO delivers a wide spectrum of HR services that covers management and support across small to medium businesses. We are experienced and capable of tailoring solutions to the needs of our clients.

Whether you are in confusion with the assessment and management of all your HR requirements, or you are supporting an existing internal resource that’s a bit heavy – we can help you with that. Our adaptability assures that you can use our solutions no matter how you decide to use them. Call us if you want to book an expert consultation.


We offer a complete outsourced HR solution for your business. This option is best suitable for organisations in need of a complete HR solution or outsourcing a specific service or project. We offer a comprehensive range of flexible outsourced HR services appropriate for industries and organisations of different sizes and maturity.

You can fully rely on our policies and procedures. We know that it can be a challenge to stay compliant in a progressively litigious environment. Considering that, we can help design and develop policies, procedures as well as handbooks as per the requirements of your organisation and industry. You will surely benefit from our customer-oriented services.

Are you or your organisation dealing with high-risk human resources, or issues related to workplace relations and industrial relations? Our employment advisory service can facilitate sound advice and practical HR support. We aim to attract, recruit and retain the right people for your organization.

Our results-driven approach ensures a higher level of alignment, profitability, and productivity for our clients. We work within a structure based around the Australian Human Resources Framework. It is a system that comprises proven processes, methods, and research. It helps us deliver expected outcomes every time.

Strategic and Practical Solution


We strive to understand your business, assess its organisational strategies, culture as well as objectives. Thereafter, we offer tailored solutions and services to meet your specific requirements. We have a team of experienced consultants and we offer authentic advice. Our experts assist each client throughout the project and thus, deliver effective solutions.

Enjin BPO aims to deliver sensible and practical outcomes for clients and build long-term business rapport. We take pride in our high-level documentation, subject matter expertise, responsiveness, flexibility, and a comprehensive understanding of each organisation and industry. You can fully rely on our ownership, pragmatic approach, real solutions, implementation, etc. Overall, it is a great value for money